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ABM 2.0 -Relevancy is Emperor

If your lead generation campaigns aren’t relevant, neither are you


The late, great Peter Drucker once summed up the concept of relevancy with a sentence so flawlessly framed that it should hang in the Louvre. Drucker said: “The perfect advertisement is one of which the reader can say, ‘This is for me, and me alone.’”

It’s safe to say that content is still king but only with the warning that relevancy is what really wears the crown. Simply personalizing a campaign’s message is no longer revolutionary—it’s run-of-the-mill. To produce a successful campaign, personalization must work in concert with relevancy, and here’s why:

You know that data—the set with all your targets sorted by job title—that you’ve either purchased from an aggregator or pulled from LinkedIn? It’s full of long and inflated titles added by the user to make them sound more attractive to recruiters and headhunters. All it means to you is that your outreach will seem like an impersonal form letter. Contrary to what Bob’s LinkedIn says, his actual working title isn’t General Manager and CTO – Intelligent Cloud, XYZ Southeast Region at XYZ Inc.

If you want to use personalization, you must standardize the language to match the quality of the data or modify what you have:

  • Always take the most senior job title when cleaning up the title field. Don’t be afraid to give someone a raise. In Bob’s case, you can refer to him as CTO and not GM—he might even find it flattering.
  • The same principle applies to company names. Drop the Inc., LLC and “Division of” jargon.

If personalization is your foot in the door, relevancy is getting an invite to stay for dinner. One 2018 poll of digital buyers found that half of them simply ignore an email from a retailer because it’s focused on irrelevant product recommendations.

If you truly want to make an impression on your target, you must deploy Activity-Based Marketing (ABM 2.0) and advanced database techniques. These strategies include tracking the content your targets are consuming, the open job positions they’re hiring for and funding announcements. We are now looking into tracking search terms used at an IP address to help us be even more relevant.

Let’s say you work for a software testing and QA company. Here’s how we can help:

  • We review our extensive database for companies with a certain number of job openings (an inclination of the level of help needed) for positions with a certain title (an inclination of the type of help needed). Example: Software Testing Engineers and QA Professionals.
  • We then help support outreach with custom messaging that introduces you and your capability to assist that company with any testing projects in the short- or long-term.

This is relevancy at its finest. Need some other examples?

  • How about connecting moving companies with HR reps at a business that just received an influx of funding and announced plans to relocate its headquarters?
  • We can also get insight into the content that companies are consuming. If XYZ Inc. is constantly reviewing content on IT cost containment, that’s valuable information to know for consultants who specialize in contract negotiations. As an example, we can help connect you with that company’s procurement department to see about saving money on their IT contracts.

The key here is mining for data that arms you with the information you need to provide a relevant offer. Think about your potential targets or their end-users and major milestones that might affect the sales cycle. We guide you in approaching the people who need you the most when they need you the most.

Are you interested in learning more about which companies are consuming information related to your products services? We’re able to pull activity data on a list of over 6,500 topics on over 6,000 business websites down to the company IP address.

You can download the list to see if there any topics we are tracking related to your products and services by filling out the form below.