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Sales Intelligence vs. Social Selling

Sales Intelligence vs. Social Selling

Bad salespeople give the entire profession a bad name. We’re talking about the ones who throw darts and dial with no thought process behind their targeting. They’re clueless on how to nurture leads, and when they do reach someone, they don’t know how to communicate the value of the goods or services they’re selling.

They make the job 10 times harder for the good salespeople. The good ones appreciate relevancy and how to incorporate tactical tools to better refine outreach efforts. Two methods that many salespeople find helpful in connecting with a target is sales intelligence and social selling.

Let’s talk about what each strategy is, how they help salespeople strike up a conversation and which method is best to use.

What is sales intelligence?

Most of you probably use sales intelligence in some fashion, or at least you’ve heard of it. Also known as business intelligence, this is the use of technology platforms that allow you to integrate and analyze customer data. These details can range from industry information down to a key contact’s alma mater. It can also supply insight into the habits of your targets.

How can sales intelligence help you?

Sales intelligence provides salespeople with actionable user data. For instance, that might include intent data like which pages on the company’s website a prospect has visited, where they entered from, time spent on the site and where they clicked. These activities supply the salesperson with valuable insights that they can use as part of their outreach strategy. If John Smith of Acme Widgets is repeatedly visiting your site’s page on commercial widget cleaning, that’s a good sign that he’s interested in that service. Now that you’re armed with intelligence about John’s intentions, you can tailor your outreach to include pertinent information about commercial widget cleaning.

What is social selling?

Social selling is a lot like it sounds. It means you’re harnessing the strength of social media to connect with targets, or at a minimum, peruse their content to learn more about them and sell them something. Many people look at social selling as an evolutionary response to the way our society has changed. Deals still form on the golf course and over drinks after a conference, but social media is playing an increasingly larger part in how salespeople connect and build relationships with prospects.

How can sales intelligence help you?

Salespeople will often scour LinkedIn, a business and employment-oriented social media site, to look for announcements about new companies, job promotions or departures, open positions as well as prospect posts and articles. If you’re active on LinkedIn, you might come across the fact that our friend John Smith at Acme recently left the company to join a competitor. A quick LinkedIn message is a perfect way to congratulate John on the move and remind him of the services you can offer his new company. A savvy salesperson will also dig to find John’s replacement at Acme and fire off a quick introductory note.

Which method is better for prospecting?

If you’re wondering which method is best, you’re coming at it from the wrong angle. One approach isn’t better than the other because they’re complementary of each other. A successful salesperson is someone who is willing to adapt and work all angles in order to make a relevant connection. That means both sales intelligence and social selling should be tools in your sales toolkit.

The challenge is often in how to scale these two tactics across your entire sales team.

If you’re looking for ways to augment your sales efforts, Sales Lead Automation can help. Our extensive database marketing capabilities allow you to target more than 60 million B2B contacts in a very relevant manner to you and your industry.

Example: You might want to target prospects who are consuming content on the internet related to your products or services. Perhaps you want to target prospects that recently received a large amount of funding from an investor. Perhaps a list of companies who have multiple job openings for a specific role related to your products and services would be helpful.

Whether you use Sales Intelligence tools or spend hours on social media using the latest social selling tactics your success boils down to relevancy but that’s heard to scale across an entire sales organization.

Give us a call and let us help you scale your sales efforts.