Account Based Marketing & Sales

Account-Based Marketing & Selling (ABMS)

Account based marketing and sales is White Hot Right now with sellers seeing a 171% increase in their Average Contract Value.

That’s why Sales Lead Automation has created a standalone ABMS platform for non CRM users. Simply log into your ABMS account and gain access to all of the contact information you need to generate a relevant conversation with your prospects.

If you are a user we can turn your CRM into an Account-Based Selling machine!

Sales Lead Automation - Account-Based Selling platform, integrates directly with on the lead, account, and opportunity record to expose your sellers to the data they need to win.  We start by identifying the titles of everyone involved in your sales cycle – and just those titles. We then provide the contacts that currently have those roles at the company you are trying to sell.  Sellers never need to worry about the accuracy of their target accounts again and instead can translate deep company insights into impactful selling conversations.

  • We find the most accurate contacts buying your products and services.
  • Our company information highlights triggering events, installed technology and rich corporate detail.
  • And we find your customers that have the same characteristics as your opportunities for quick reference.

Real-time Lead Appending

1 in 3 sales leads are never contacted because sellers don’t have enough information. It’s a double edge sword for marketers, do they require more information on the web form for quality leads or do they ask for the bare minimum to get a quantity of leads? Marketing and Sales is hard enough without sacrificing quality for quantity.  SLA will append incoming leads in real-time inside of! The process is simple, if we have an email address, personal or professional, we can add the rich contact and corporate information sellers need to make informed sales calls and help marketers be more relevant.

Clean Accurate B2B Data 24/7

B2B contact data deteriorates at a 24% – 36% rate per year.  That number compounds when you consider manual entry errors and the expired data uploaded from third party lists. The result is a instance with highly inaccurate, incomplete, and outdated information.  It’s no wonder sellers look at as an administrative burden and not a strategic tool to advance their deals.

  • Data Cleansing – identify the contact records inside of that are bad and place the INACTIVE term on the First Name field. This way sellers can immediately know the contacts that they should reconnect with to update their contact information or avoid all together.
  • Data Appending – validate the contact records inside of the target account and add fields such as title, phone, location, and email address as well as rich company detail.
  • Net New Leads – identifies INACTIVE contacts at an account, we share the contact’s new location with contact details. These contacts and details are added to as Leads to be reengaged.


Cost - $100 a seat per month (sold annually $1,200) – includes up to 3,000 contact records

Additional contact records available - Please contact us for a quote