Activity Based Marketing

Database Strategies

At the core of all of our B2B lead generation services is our advanced database marketing capabilities.

Most b2b lead generation companies target prospects that match your ideal customer profile by either matching their Demographic data (Personal Information) like job title and in some cases age, education, income level as well as Firmographic data (Company data) like industry, company size, company revenue etc.

But what really sets Sales Lead Automation apart from our competitors is our ability to target prospects by company activity. So in addition to the standard demographics and firmographics mentioned above, we can target prospects at companies who are consuming content related to your products and services on over 5000 business websites.

Doesn’t it make sense to focus on prospects at ideal companies who are reading content related to your products and services first?
This advanced database capability has proven to increase conversion rates 200-300% and accelerate the sales cycle.

We track over 5900 business topics in excel which you can download here.

Additionally, we don’t just help you send highly personalized emails or connection invites to prospects based on their content consumption but we can also target prospects by funding announcements, job postings, number of retail locations and various keywords.

Please contact us know if you would like to have a conversation and we will walk you through all of our capabilities.

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