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Integrated Lead Generation

integrated lead generation

Sales Lead Automation has developed an integrated lead generation service that incorporates a web tracking solution integrated with our mass email marketing and sales automation technologies.

Why is an Integrated Lead Generation Solution Better?

Sales Automation technologies send a series of text-based emails are limited to around 200 emails a day so the market reach of these tools is limited. So if you have 25,000 contacts in your email list that match your ideal customer profile it will take you 125 days to send each contact one email. With 22.5 working days in a month, it will take you over 5.5 months to send just one email to each prospect. If you have a 3 step email sequence you are now talking about 16 months for each prospect to receive all the messages in your email sequence.

Plus there are no branding advantages to sending text-based emails.

This is where website tracking and mass email play a critical role in your market reach and lead generation effectiveness.

By implementing a mass email engine, you can send an email to all of these 25,000 ideal prospects in a day (After your mass email account has been properly warmed up).

You then drop the prospects who opened your email and went to your website into your sales automation campaign.

This does two things:

  1. Improve Response Rates i.e. you are only sending sales messages to prospects who took the time to visit your website or who have shown interest in your product or service (Relevance).
  2. Reduces the Risk of getting your email account blacklisted because you are sending less volume of emails to only the prospects who have shown interest in your product or service.

Keep in mind mass email requires demand generation content, not sales copy and offers.

What is Web Tracking and Why is it Important?

Web tracking software is a script that goes on your website similar to most marketing technologies i.e. Google Analytics, Adroll, HubSpot etc. These scripts track the IP Address of a website visitor and through a process of reverse DNS lookup, they can identify where that person or prospect is coming from including their company name (If a corporate IP address is detected), the browser type, website pages viewed, where they came from i.e. Google search, email campaign, directly and more. 

Why is this Important?

Over 98% of the prospects that visit your website don’t fill out a form or identify themselves so those visitors are anonymous.

Using reverse IP address lookup and identifying these companies’ IP addresses, we can assume there was some level of interest in your product or service. Otherwise, why would they visit your site? Once the company has been identified we pass that information over to our database of over 100 million contacts to download any relevant personas at that company to include in our mass email campaigns. 

Any of those contacts who receive, open our mass email campaign, and visit your website will automatically be dropped into your sales automation campaigns. This automated process is continuous and can run 24/7 year around.

We can take this a step further and set up a LinkedIn automation campaign that will automatically invite ideal prospects who visit your site, respond to an email you sent, and schedule a demo or meeting to connect.

Doesn’t it make sense to connect with a prospect who receives a mass email from your company, shows interest, visits your site, then responds to an automated email introduction sent on behalf of your salesperson to connect on LinkedIn?

Verus sending connection invites to people on LinkedIn who never heard of you or showed any interest in your company’s product or services.


Intent Data

We cover intent data in great length in the resource section of our website. Our web tracking software gives us the ability to use first-party and third-party data to identify companies we suspect are “In-Market” for your products and services.

So we naturally follow the same process above by identifying ideal prospects who either use certain keywords in their online searches, mentions on social media, or visit your competitor’s websites and drop them into the same mass email program. If these prospects behave as above i.e. visit your website, or respond to a sales automation campaign they also get dropped into the same automated workflow as everyone above.


Contact Shawn Elledge at for more information regarding our full-service lead generation capabilities.