LinkedIn Automation

B2B LinkedIn Management

There are 530 million LinkedIn users as of 1-2-18 so it's no wonder why so many b2b sales and marketing professionals are focused on social selling. While most b2b sales and marketing professionals have a LinkedIn account, very few of us have the time to spend looking for ideal prospects and invite them to connect. Especially at one invitation at a time.

So how do we automate the connection process? To be honest, you don't. While there are a ton of automation programs for sending LinkedIn connection requests, we prefer a more hands-on approach. Why? LinkedIn doesn't like 3rd party automation programs and if you use one of these programs, dont be surprised if you get a nasty message from LinkedIn saying they will suspend your account if you don't stop using these tools. So we have a team of live people to help support our clients LinkedIn campaigns (Manual Turk).


The first step in improving your LinkedIn marketing efforts is to take a serious look at your existing LinkedIn profile and determine if you need a profile make-over. You will not gain much by driving a lot of prospects to a profile page that hasn't been updated in years or has the wrong message you are trying to convey. SLA will help you create the perfect profile page using today's social selling best practices.

Also, since LinkedIn only allows you to send connection requests to 2nd-degree connections and common group members (People who you are commonly connected to) we need to join as many LinkedIn groups as possible to help expand your reach. For clients who have under 2000 LinkedIn connections, we will boost the number of connections you have by inviting LION's (LinkedIn Open Networkers) to connect with you.

Next step is to write your "Connection Request" which can't be any longer than 300 characters. We recommend using no more than 280 characters, leaving room for your prospects first name (Personalization).

Then we write your "Thanks for Connecting Message." This message is sent to people who accept your invitation to connect. There is no limit to the number of characters you can use for this thank you message making it ideal to share additional information about yourself and your company's products and services. You can also add links to your calendar which is very helpful when trying to schedule a meeting with a prospect.

Then we set up your online dashboard so you can see everything we are doing for you 24/7 including the prospects name, title, company, email address and phone number if available. We break down and report on the number of connections we generated for you including the number of responses you have received. You can also export these connections to import into your crm or we can push these new connections using Zapier into your CRM automatically. If you don't have a CRM we recommend using Nimble CRM for $25 a month. It's very easy to use yet powerful CRM that truly enables social selling.

Cost $495 (One-Time Fee)


Let our team of marketing professionals manage your LinkedIn program for you. This has been one of most successful lead generation programs we have ever launched. Why? Most professionals don't have the time to manage their LinkedIn campaigns effectively. Our team will help you reach your ideal customer profile and invite those prospects to connect with you on your behalf.  We also send the "Thank You" messages to your new connections with information about you and your companies products and services.

Today our average conversion rate is 25% and we have seen rates as high as 39% so most of our customers experience 250-400 new connections a month.

Cost $995 a month -  Includes up to 1,000 connection requests a month

The cost of each new connection averages between $3-$7 making this program an attractive supplement to your existing lead generation efforts or account-based marketing (ABM) strategy.


For best results, we recommend adding another 500 LinkedIn connection requests for a total of 1500 connection invites a month.
If you are using one of our sales automation programs, we recommend dropping your new LinkedIn connections into a 3 to 5  step automated email drip campaign.  This automated process is perfect for sharing additional information about yourself and the business problems you help solve.

Cost $1,495 a month - Includes up to 1,500 connection requests a month


As mentioned above, all of your new connections (warm leads) are pushed into an online dashboard so you can see what we are doing for you each and every day 24/7. You can download these new connections and import into your CRM or manage the relations on LinkedIn. If you do not have a CRM we can push your new leads into a Nimble CRM for $25 a month and teach you how to respond, track and nurture these leads for as long as you like.