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Please download the ideal customer profile questionnaire.

This questionnaire provides information about your campaign which is used to launch your campaigns.

We begin by asking you for the demographics of the ideal prospect you would like to reach.
You will need to provide the ideal job title, job level, and location of that prospect.

Next, we ask you for the ideal firmographic information where that prospect works. Here we ask for your ideal company size and industry.
We also offer advanced targeting capabilities that can target prospects at companies who have various job openings, who have certain technologies in place, who have recently received funding, or companies with a certain number of locations.
Intent Data

We also have the ability to target prospects that are consuming content on the internet related to your products and services using various forms of intent data i.e. social or unstructured data, bidstream or DSP data as well as first-party data. Intent data helps us target prospects actively showing interest in your products and services making your campaign much more relevant and improving response rates.
Today we track thousands of topics from biotech to website security and everything in between over the internet. We can also create custom queries of topics that help us identify prospects and companies searching for your products and services on the internet. Simply type the topics that are most related to your products and services then send us this ideal customer profile questionnaire and we will begin the process of identifying how many contacts we have in our database of over 100 million contacts that match that profile.