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Sales Automation – Cold Email

Sales Automation or Cold Email Marketing is a campaign tactic used mainly by B2B sales and marketing professionals who want to automate their lead generation efforts. These campaigns use automation technologies that connect to your existing email account to send a series of text-based emails to contacts who match their ideal customer profile (ICP).

The advantage of these automated programs is they are easy to implement. All you need is automation software and a good list of contacts with email addresses to start. The only thing required is to monitor your inbox for replies, identify opportunities, book meetings, and close sales.

The disadvantage of these programs is that you can only send up to 200 text-based emails daily, so you are limited on your market reach and use of graphics, and it’s easy to get blacklisted if you are not careful.

Note: While these programs are great for supplementing your lead generation efforts, they do not entirely replace your sales efforts.

For this guide, we will assume you have acquired a list of ideal contacts, picked a sales automation platform, and connected your email account to that platform.

Download this guide to learn:

  • How to Get Started with Sales Automation
  • Subject Line Best Practices
  • Writing Email Copy
  • Personalization Tactics
  • Call to Actions
  • How to Write Email Sequences
  • Market Reach vs. Marketing Touches
  • A/B Testing