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Join 480,000 Other Businesses Using Sales Lead Automation

150,000,000+ Emails Sent & 13.5 Million+ People Connected On LinkedIn Resulting In Massive Automated Leads for Solopreneurs & Multi-Billion Dollar Brands

Proven Data-Driven Lead Growth System

Use our 200M+ Verified Contact Database

Mass Email Capabilities for Events

Highest Cold Email Open Rates

Avoid Hidden Spam Traps

Proprietary ABM BuyrMail System

Make Serious LinkedIn Connections Faster

Verified Buyer Intent-Based Email Marketing

Hyper Focused Ideal Customer Targeting

What Our Clients Say


Sales Lead Automation has really helped me generate new interest and potential new business opportunities. After the first week of running campaigns, I had about 60 responses of which 4 turned into proposals for new business. As a small business owner that wears many hats, having this kind of support for helping to generate leads and interest in our business has been crucial to our sustained growth.

Real Media Brad Burrow President


Sales Lead Automation rock. They know what works from a messaging standpoint, they have millions of contact records/data to help you distribute that message and the automation expertise to make your life easier.

Jamie Turneer Internationally recognized author, speaker and TV news contributor

Only Hire SLA

Only hire Sales Lead Automation if you are ready to hire extra sales reps and explode your operations team. SLA’s program generates client interactions, not leads, but real interfaces with actual buyers. I have never seen anything work like this in any form and we’ve used them all – outsourced telemarketers, in-house callers, other lead gen companies, SEO, etc. – and nothing even comes close. SLA has generated more actual client touches and contracts in six months than all our prior programs combined over the last 10 years. Feel free to call and I will happily walk you through this amazing program. Hire SLA before your competition does!

Sirva John Anderson Global Vice-President, Commercial Sales & Marketing


9 meetings set just TODAY with prospective clients. Brands like MGM Resorts… Holy Sh** – In my 35 year career I haven't set half that many meetings!

Wes Struebing Founder & President at Logistics Titans

Simple Setup To Get You Started

Step One

You Complete Your Ideal Customer Profile & Match In Our Database

Step Two

We Identify Your Ideal Prospects Consuming Content Around Your Service or Product

Step Three

We Prep The Data, Verify The Data, Clean The Data & Prepare For Personalization

Step Four

Together We Review Your Data On A Quick Call And Connect All Your Accounts

Step Five

Follow Our Guide To Create Three Messages That We'll Load In Our Tech

Step Six

We'll Turn On Our System While You Monitor Your Inbox For Leads

Our Data Technology and Service Less Than the Cost Of the Data Alone

Additional Services & Features

Advanced Buyer Targeting

Target your ideal customer profile to find your ideal buyer based on company size, job openings, Alexa ranking, job changes, technologies the company uses, revenue size, location and so much more.

Add Personalization + Intent Based Marketing

Add advanced image personalization to drive up the success of your cold email campaign. Further optimize by adding additional filters that only target your ideal customers who are actively searching for your products or services today. For you sophisticated marketers this is called INTENT DATA and it ROCKS!

Send Mass Emails – Great for Lead Generation and Event Promotions

Using our verified email data, run a promotion to drive massive awareness for a webinar, virtual summit, conference, whitepaper or event. Campaigns starting at 100,000 email sends to 1,000,000+

Proprietary ABM BuyrMail System

A proprietary patent pending system that generates massive responses by automating mass personalized emails that copy decision makers within a company structure inside of each email.

Agency Partner Program

Start or expand your existing Agency supporting B2B companies that are looking to scale with leads. If you’re looking to start your own agency or expand your existing ones’ offerings, then we should talk.