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Website Visitor Identification & Tracking


What is Website Visitor Identification and Tracking?


Website visitor identification & tracking software typically focuses on capturing three categories of data on your anonymous website visitors: website analytics, user behavior, and visitor identity. While some solutions provide high-level traffic overviews and navigation paths, others can give in-depth user insights, including up to 40 demographic attributes.

Sales Lead Automation’s Visitor Identification and Tracking falls under the more advanced solutions.

For example, we can provide the contact details of 30-50% of your anonymous website visitors.  This information is perfect for sending offers and discounts to prospects showing the most buying behavior. You can also drop these identified visitors into lead nurturing sequences and build your database of ideal prospects. 


Why is Website Visitor Tracking so Important to Sales?

In a perfect world, when a prospect visits your website, they like what they see and make a purchase or they fill out a form giving you all their contact details and request more information. But unfortunately, less than 2% of your visitors will convert or fill out a form.

So, 98% of website visitors will remain anonymous, and there is nothing you can do unless you can identify those visitors and send them offers or additional information about your products and services.

The SLA tracking software will monitor your website visitors, identify who they are and track their online behavior, and provide helpful contact information to help drive sales.

By identifying the IP address of a website visitor and matching that information to a person ( referred to as identity resolution), you can identify those people and append up to 40 demographic attributes.

Example demographics include name, email address, estimated age, income, marriage status, and complete address, as well as their social profiles.


What other attributes do you collect?

We also collect the behavior of these prospects: 

  • Pageview details and time spent detailing the buyer’s interest
  • Keyword & Referral Source
  • Campaign Information


Why Choose Sales Lead Automation’s Website Visitor ID and Tracking Solution?

Many website visitor tracking solutions can be costly and require lengthy contracts. Fortunately for you, SLA’s Visitor ID & Tracking Solution is cost-effective. Cost is based on the number of leads or prospects we identify. You can also set your own monthly budget to whatever you can afford.

Understanding the data we capture about your website visitor traffic can be confusing. SLA’s Visitor Tracking makes this as easy as possible for our clients with a comprehensive dashboard that does most of the work for you. We allow you to filter your results based on the search criteria you are looking for – and save those searches and use them repeatedly. Plus, we offer one-on-one time with an expert to get you and your team off and running from the start. Making sure you get the most out of our solution makes you more productive and profitable. That’s why our clients love our system.


Watch the video above for a short overview of our solution.


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