Please select the most common questions we receive to learn more about our technology and services.

Yes, depending on your program of choice, we will provide either 5,000, 10,000, or 25,000 contacts a month. You fill out an ideal customer profile, and we will pull the best contacts from our database of over 600 million contact records. We then verify these contact records and upload them into your account.


Yes. One of the biggest advantages of our service is we allow you to send outbound email. Other platforms like Hubspot, Keap, and Active Campaign (to name a few) don’t allow this. However, we recommend you use this feature to build your brand as a helpful thought leader, i.e., guides, whitepapers, research, webinar, event invites, etc. Otherwise, you risk damaging your email reputation. See our mass email guide here for more information on best practices.


It’s been our experience that every company or situation is unique, so we offer three support options.


Do it Yourself (DIY)

Perfect for companies who have experience in managing marketing automation tools like ours and the staff to run their own campaigns. These companies typically take advantage of our robust platform and data.

Done with You (DWY)

Perfect for companies who need help getting ramped up and will also like occasional marketing support on a need-be-basis. We sell 20-hour blocks of support which you can use however you like.  When you run out of hours, simply purchase another block. Hours never expire.


Done for You (DFY)

This support option is perfect for companies who don’t have marketing automation experience, staff, or time required to manage their own marketing efforts. We host weekly meetings with a dedicated team and run everything for you.


Not every company or salesperson needs a complete marketing automation platform. So we also offer two other powerful technologies i.e., a Sales Automation Platform and a Website Visitor Tracking Platform.

Sales Automation is ideal for salespeople or teams who want an easy way to become more efficient with their time and more effective at prospecting. Our Sales Automation Platform integrates email and LinkedIn into one platform. This platform also has personalized video capabilities, which greatly improve response rates.

You can learn more about our sales automation platform here.

Website Visitor Tracking Platform is ideal for companies who want to identify website visitors and target them directly with specific offers vs. chasing them around the internet with retargeting ads.

Our consumer tracking solution can identify anywhere from 30-50% of all consumers and provides up to 40 attributes on those visitors, including their name and email address. We can automatically send those visitors email offers to drive them back to your site and convert.

Our business tracking solution identifies 100% of all companies who visit your website and is integrated into a global database of over 600 million contacts so you can reach out to ideal prospects at those companies via email or Linkedin.

You can learn more about our website tracking platform here.