Does this look like you and your sales process?

Salespeople waste 72% of their day on non-revenue producing activities!

We Can Help…

Reach your ideal prospects using our data, email outreach, LinkedIn automation and your personalized video all on one integrated platform.


Stop stalking prospects on social media, hunting for their contact information or worse buying expensive data from a broker. Use our data instead. 

Each plan come with unlimited access to over 80 million B2B contact records you can add to your sales automation campaigns.

No worries, our database experts will help you find ideal contacts by job titles, seniority level, industry, company size, revenue, location, job openings, funding announcements or technologies.

How Does Sales Automation Work?

Connect your email account to our platform, add your ideal contact records and our Sales Lead Automation platform, “Sales Prophet,” does the rest.

Automatically generate leads 24/7 

Do you want to drop prospects into lead nurturing campaigns, no problem, our drag-n-drop email builder and automation platform can help.

What happens next?

The Sales Automation platform sends a sequence of messages to your ideal prospects via email. You can send hundreds or even thousands of messages over any time period i.e. a day, week, month, or year.

Hit the start button, and every day, our sales automation engine sends anywhere from 50 to 5,000 emails daily on your behalf. 

Simply monitor your email inbox for replies, book meetings, identify opportunities, and close sales.

Generate leads in your sleep!

Want to send more than 100 emails a day?

No worries, you have two options. Connect additional emails to your account or connect to any SMTP email delivery service and explode the number of emails you send each day.