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    1. Target Ideal Prospects

    We help you create and send relevant content to your ideal prospect using our database of 150 million contact records

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    2. Automation

    We help you become more efficient and effective so you can talk to more prospects vs. hunt for prospects

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    3. Drive Sales

    We help you engage in more conversations, uncover opportunities and close more sales

What We Do Best

We help sales & marketing professionals reach more people, engage in more conversations and generate more sales, automatically.

B2B Database Marketing

Database Marketing

Advanced database marketing capabilities allow you to target over 50 million B2B contacts in the U.S.

LinkedIn Marketing

Our LinkedIn Services Help You Create the Right Strategy and Connect with Ideal Prospects on LinkedIn

Sales Automation

Send up to 400 emails a day to your ideal prospects in our database of 150 million B2B contacts

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content is the fuel behind any B2B lead or demand generation program i.e. blog posts, articles and custom research

Sales Lead Automation Alignment

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation programs are ideal for lead tracking, scoring and nurturing

Cost Per Lead Programs

Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL's) and Sales Qualified Leads (SQL's) programs

B2B Webinars

Complete B2B Webinar production from audience recruitment to reporting

B2B Event Marketing

Access Over 170 million B2B Global Contact Records to Drive Registrations & Sponsorships

Popular Packages

Simple, flexible, and predictable pricing based on our most popular packages below. Other B2B lead generation options and pricing can be seen by clicking on a category above.

Email Starter
Email Automation
We Send - You Manage Responses
Unlimited Access to 40 Million Contacts
Up to 8,000 Emails a Month
2 Campaigns a Month
Additional Campaigns & Email Sends Available
Social CRM or Online Dashboard
One-time Setup Fee $795
3-month minimum term
Get Started
Email Professional
We Manage Your Email Responses for You
All Starter Services Plus
Dedicated Response Manager
We Only Pass The Leads You Want
Social CRM or Online Dashboard
Up to 3 Campaigns/Segments
Additional Campaigns & Email Sends Available
One time set-up fee ($795)
3-month minimum term
Get Started
LinkedIn Starter
Starter Training Program
Unlimited Segments
Connection Requests Strategies
Send The Right Thank You Messages
Push Connections to Any CRM
Social CRM or Online Dashboard Options
One-time Setup Fee $495
3-month minimum term
Get Started
LinkedIn Professional
Professional Training Program
Unlimited Segments
Sending Unique Connection Requests
Sending Ideal Thank You Messages
We Push Connections to...
Social CRM or Online Dashboard
One-time Setup Fee $495
3-month minimum term
Get Started


Read what our customers have to say about the Sales Lead Automation experience.

Ron Martin

Director – Corporate Sales

Patient and Supportive

I started working with Shawn and his company not knowing what to expect from an email prospecting campaign. The result has been positive and the effort easy to manage as prospecting represents only a portion of my role. Shawn and I have had many collaborative telephone conversations to discuss campaign content and follow-up methodology. The discussions have been educational as Shawn is a wealth of information, patient and supportive.

Brad Burrow



Shawn and the team at Sales Lead Automation have really helped me generate new interest and potential new business opportunities. After the first week of running campaigns, I had about 60 responses of which 4 turned into proposals for new business. As a small business owner that wears many hats, having this kind of support for helping to generate leads and interest in our business has been crucial to our sustained growth. I would recommend Shawn and his team for any organization looking to expand and grow their market. Their knowledge of sales, lead generation and nurturing in unmatched.

Tom Clemens

Director of Marketing

High professionalism

Shawn's knowledge of outbound marketing and lead generation is really impressive. What I have appreciated about working with him is he is equal parts expert and teacher. He doesn't just do the work, he takes the time to educate his clients. His awareness of systems and technologies that can optimize your business is incredible. I highly recommend Shawn - he is an awesome partner - always accessible, patient and creative.

Jamie Turner

Internationally recognized author, speaker, and TV news contributor


``Shawn and his team at Sales Lead Automation rock. They know what works from a messaging standpoint, they have millions of contact records/data to help you distribute that message and the automation expertise to make your life easier.”

Jesse Hopps


Efficient collaborating

Shawn is a very well connected entrepreneur and leverages his network effectively to create solutions for his clients. I have worked with Shawn to promote various Demand Metric benchmark studies, webinars, and events and he consistently hits targets both from an on-time delivery and ROI perspective. I'd highly recommend Shawn to any organization looking to reach a senior audience of sales & marketing professionals.

Robert Moreau


Integrity & Committment

We started working with Shawn when we launched an initiative at Rubicon to develop a channel with a marketing auotmation technology company. He was a great partner to work with! His knowledge of the subject coupled with his high level of integrity and committment to our success made him a great resource. he really knows his stuff. I would strongly recommend him to any company looking to add a great sales and marketing resource!

Mark Kennedy


Invaluable Asset and Advisor

Shawn has been an invaluable asset and advisor in establishing a positive web presence and formulating a marketing strategy to enhance our market share and bottom line. His extensive knowledge of marketing and aggressive approach to sales strategies are impressive and have produced positive results for me. I highly recommend Shawn and look forward to working with him in the future.

Adam Sinett

Marketing Manager


Shawn is an outstanding person to work with. He is always prompt with following-up on emails and calls, he is hard working and always has an eye for long-term strategy and growth. Shawn is smart at what he does and takes his job very seriously, it was great to work with him.