Sales Lead Automation

A Lead Generation Agency Providing Consistent Results Since 2009

SLA Offers:

  • Unlimited Access to 80 Million + Contacts
  • Your Choice of Several Sales & Marketing Technologies
  • Your Choice of Three Support Packages DIY, DWY, DFY

Our Data – Your Data

Sales Automation Customers can download ideal contacts from our database of over 80 million business contacts and drop them into any campaign you choose. Use our data to expand your market reach for free.

Technology Solutions

We offer these sales and marketing technologies below.

Choose one solution or have us integrate all technologies for the most powerful sales and marketing solution on the planet.


Marketing Automation - CRM

Automate all of your sales and marketing efforts on one easy, centralized platform. Capture leads on your website and automatically nurture them into sales. Store all customer and prospect conversations in one place. Report on all your sales and marketing efforts so you know what’s working and what’s not.


Website Visitor Identification

Identify consumers and businesses visiting your website 24/7. Learn about your consumer demographics and business firmographics. Send targeted emails to these website visitors automatically to generate higher returns!


Sales Automation - CRM

Generate Sales Leads In Your Sleep!
If you’re not generating leads on autopilot, you’re not doing it right. An exceptional sales automation strategy generates low-cost, evergreen leads that are high-quality and eager to buy.

Customizable Support

Choose The Right Support Package Based On Your Needs!
We offer three ways to work with us: 

Do It Yourself – DIY
Done With You – DWY
Done For You – DFY

Do It Yourself

This DIY service is ideal for companies who have the internal staff to manage their own campaigns but need data and technology to support their sales & marketing efforts.

Done With You

This DWY service is ideal for salespeople or companies who need help getting started using our data, technology, and resources.

You only pay for what you need.

Premium Done For You

This DFY service is ideal for companies who want unlimited access to our data, technology, staff, and third-party resources.

We manage everything for you!

Why Salespeople Love Us


You waste over 70% of your day searching for leads, hunting for their contact information, stalking them on social media, writing one off emails, creating proposals, supporting existing customers and internal meetings.


You’re delightfully surprised by how your day is transformed.

Search our database of over 80 million B2B contacts for your ideal prospects and drop them into an automated email sequence or LinkedIn campaign.

Now, 70% of your day is spent talking to prospects vs. hunting for prospects.

Why Business Owners Love Us


Your anonymous website visitors are a mystery. You don’t
know who is visiting your website, how they got there, and what interests them.
You chase them around the internet with retargeting ads that hardly work.


The veil is removed, and you can see exactly
who is visiting your website (Business or Consumer). We collect up to 40 demographics
on your consumer visitors, including their names, email, physical addresses, and more. You can see how they got to your website and what they are interested in, and automatically drop them into a lead nurture campaign designed to help you close more sales.

Why Marketers Love Us


You struggled to find a centralized marketing
platform that doesn’t eat into your profits.

Marketing platforms, such as HubSpot, Marketo, Eloqua, Salesforce, Keap, and Active Campaign (to name a few), don’t provide any prospect data and are very expensive.

You’re also forced to spend money on paid ads because they don’t allow you to send any outbound email campaigns unless the prospect has opted-in first.


You are amazed by how much easier it is to drive sales.

With access to over 80 million contact records, an outbound email engine and a marketing automation platform with built in CRM, you can finally enjoy a healthy ROI that allows you to scale your business.

Still Not Sure?

Let’s Find a Solution That Works For You