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Business to Business (B2B) is our core strength.

Our value proposition is extremely compelling for B2B executives since we have a database of over 80 million business contact records and have developed our sales automation application, Sales Prophet. Below is a list of services we offer and why.


Our customers don’t have to buy third-party data or email verification services, which can be very expensive. This allows our customers to apply that budget to more important marketing and sales tactics like content marketing, demand generation, and lead generation.


The Sales Lead Automation team has years of marketing and sales technology experience. We have used hundreds of marketing and sales applications, ultimately leading us to develop deep expertise in the critical solutions most businesses need today.

Sales Automation

Marketing Automation – CRM

Website Visitor Identification

LinkedIn Automation

Email Verification

By providing our customers with the marketing or sales technology they need, they don’t have to buy and learn new technology or hire internal resources to manage that technology. This usually results in a faster go-to-market timeline and ROI.

Marketing Research

At the end of the day, no matter how good your data is or the technology you use to operationalize that data, you have to understand your target audience and ideal customer profile. Then, develop relevant and compelling content for that audience.

In most cases, this requires qualitative and quantitative research to understand what compels your ideal customer profiles to make a purchase decision. It’s imperative to understand what motivates each persona involved in the the buying process to take action.

Content Marketing

We believe content is the cornerstone of any successful demand generation or lead generation strategy.

Content Syndication

No matter how good your content is, if you can’t get it into the hands of your ideal prospect, it doesn’t matter. While most agencies think content is king, we believe syndication is king; content is queen.

We have numerous services designed to get your content into the hands of your ideal prospects. However, we find that email is the most cost-effective solution to social media and paid ads.

Business to Consumer (B2C)

We have several B2C brands that we provide marketing support to. Primarily, we provide marketing automation – CRM solution integrated with our website visitor identification technology. This allows us to identify consumers already interested in their products and services and pass their contact information into our CRM where we drop them into an automated lead nurturing campaign.

Example: Our founder is the CMO for his wife’s business, As the name suggests, sells area rugs online. After building a new online retail store, we added our website visitor identification solution to the site. We then integrated her website with our marketing automation platform and built a lead nurturing program. Sales increased 471% in just five months.


We work with numerous marketing agencies around the globe. The primary reason is we have the data and technology to help them syndicate their customer’s content or help them offer lead generation services using our sales automation platform.

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