Sales Lead Calculator

You can access our Sales Lead Calculator by filling out the form below.
Meanwhile, we provided a short 11-minute video that walks you through how to use this calculator.

In short, the sales lead calculator will provide you with the number of marketing touches required to generate an inquiry and marketing qualified lead by month, quarter, and annually for each salesperson to hit your revenue goal.

You will also learn the average cost per inquiry, marketing qualified lead, and cost per sale.

Additionally, this calculator will tell you if you don’t have enough marketing touches and leads to reach your revenue goal. Knowing how many touches you lack can help you decide where to spend your limited marketing budget to address this deficit in leads needed to hit your revenue goals.

Suppose you don’t have all the questions to fill out this calculator accurately. In that case, you can scroll over each question, particularly the red triangle in the corner for industry averages.

We recommend you be conservative when filling in your answers if you don’t have the actual data.

This latest calculator was a joint effort by Mac McIntosh of AcquireB2B and Shawn Elledge.

If you have any questions on how to use this calculator, please contact Shawn Elledge day or night via email at or by phone at 816-729-4405 M-F between the hours of 8am to 5pm (EST).